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Entry  Thu Jan 19 23:34:52 2012, kiwamu, Update, IOO, PMC realignment and HEPA 
    Reply  Mon Jan 23 15:43:47 2012, Jenne, Update, IOO, PMC realignment 
       Reply  Mon Jan 23 23:12:00 2012, kiwamu, Update, IOO, PMC realignment 
          Reply  Mon Jan 30 08:17:06 2012, steve, Update, IOO, PMC  sickPMC.png
             Reply  Tue Jan 31 08:44:10 2012, steve, Update, IOO, laser shuts down laseroff.png
                Reply  Tue Jan 31 14:58:30 2012, kiwamu, Update, IOO, laser shuts down 
                   Reply  Tue Jan 31 17:13:49 2012, steve, Update, IOO, only the PSL laser is off 
                      Reply  Wed Feb 1 17:00:57 2012, steve, Update, IOO, laser is back ON P1080525.JPGP1080514.JPGP1080518.JPG
                         Reply  Fri Feb 3 14:47:51 2012, steve, Update, PEM, laser interlock drawing 
Message ID: 6240     Entry time: Tue Jan 31 14:58:30 2012     In reply to: 6239     Reply to this: 6241
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: laser shuts down 

[Steve/ Kiwamu]

 We found that the laser had completely shut off for ~ 4 hours even with all the PSL doors closed.

We are guessing it is related to the interlock system and Steve is working on it to fix it.

Quote from #6239

 The 2W Innilight shutdown shut when I opened side door for safety scan. This was not a repeatable by opening -closing side doors later on. Turned laser on, locked PMC and MC locked instantly. The MC was not locked this moring and it seemed that the MC2 spot was still some high order mode

like yesterday. MC lock was lost when the janitor bumped something around the MC.


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