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Message ID: 6200     Entry time: Sun Jan 15 11:40:30 2012
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: Adaptive Filtering 
Subject: downsampling 

Here for the downsampling process we use a low-pass Bessel digital filter of order 6, normalized cut-off frequency = 0.1. In the plot presented below we compare the results with downsampling ratio = 1, 2, 4.


We can see that increasing the downsampling ratio, we increase the error of the filter. Moreover, the error at some particular frequency f seems to depend on the ratio f/Fs, where Fs - sampling frequency (2048 Hz) devided by downsampling ratio. Error is the same for all curves below 1 Hz but then begins to increase as we increase the sownsampling ratio. In order to figure out what the problem is - mistake in the filter code, inaccurate upsample algorithm or this is NLMS particularity, I've changed sampling frequency in the chans/daq/C1PEM.ini and C1IOO.ini files from 2048 Hz to 512 Hz for corresponding channels. Now, we compare the error from the filter working with 2048 Hz frequency, downsampling ratio = 4, low-pass filter = Bessel of order 6, normalized cut-off = 0.1 and filter working with 512 Hz sampling frequency, without downsampling and with corresponding Bessel low-pass filter with normalized frequency 0.4.


MC_F measurement at 2048 Hz was done during the day, for that reason red curved is slightly higher then green in the resonance frequencies. But still we can see that these two cases are very much alike. For this reason, it seems that NLMS filter works better with higher sampling frequencies.

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