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Message ID: 6167     Entry time: Wed Jan 4 05:02:58 2012
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: Sidebands measurement at POP 
Just a quick report:
I did the first attempt to measure the recycling gains of the sidebands in the DRMI configuration (sidebands resonant condition)
by looking at the output of the POP22/110 RFPD.
Because this time what I measured is some absolute values of the sidebands power,
it doesn't tell us anything quantitatively until we calibrate it or compare it with similar data.
So I need to measure the same things in some different configurations (e.g. PRMI, SRMI, etc.)
in order to extract some useful information from the measurement.
The attached picture is the display of a power spectrum analyzer looking at the output of the POP22/110 broadband RFPD
while the DRMI (in the sideband resonant condition) was kept locked.
You can see that 111 MHz (twice of 55 MHz) is prominent. Also there are several peaks at 11, 22, 44 and 66 MHz.
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