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Message ID: 6166     Entry time: Wed Jan 4 03:03:24 2012
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: locking activity tonight and beyond 
Last night and tonight, I was doing a kind of rehabilitation -- locking PRMI and DRMI with the new trigger system.
Although MC wasn't so awesome (#6164), I confirmed that the DRMI can stay locked with the conventional RFPD combination (#4760).
Additionally I have modified the IFO configure scripts, such that they also automatically restore the thresholds values for triggering.
The scripts are available in the C1IFO_CONFIGURE screen as usual.


       Locking plan            

Here is a plan in my mind and these are basically the details of the gantt chart (#6143):

  • (1 day task) Measurement of the recycling gains of the RF sidebands with the PRMI and DRMI configuration, using POP22/110 RFPD.
    • I need to have confidence that I am really locking the DRMI with SRC resonating to 55 MHz.
    • Also those values will enable us to estimate losses and mode matching again (maybe ?).
  • (3-4 days task) Measurement of the sensing matrix using the multiple-LOCKIN system.
    • Write a script to automatically measure the sensing matrix. This must be easy.
      • The results will enable us to diagonalize the input matrix and therefore it eventually gives more solid lock of the DRMI
      • Also it will give us the optical gains of 3f signals. So this is actually a step toward the 3f signal check.
  • (3-4 days task) Noise budgeting on the 3f signals
    • This is a very important part of the DRMI characterization because the results will tell us whether we can hold the DRMI lock with a sufficient SNR or not.
    • If it turns out that they don't have good SNRs, we then have to come up with some ideas to improve the SNRs.
  • (Extra fun task depending on schedule) 3f DRMI lock + Y arm ALS
    • If the beat-box electronics are not available by the time when the work above are completed, I will do this fun task.
    • Probably it is better to start preparing the common mode servo electronics because it will be needed anyway.


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