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Entry  Tue Jul 1 11:57:24 2008, Yoichi, Configuration, PSL, MZ servo switch problem again 
    Reply  Tue Jul 1 16:48:42 2008, rob, john, Configuration, PSL, MZ servo switch problem resolved forever 
Message ID: 616     Entry time: Tue Jul 1 16:48:42 2008     In reply to: 611
Author: rob, john 
Type: Configuration 
Category: PSL 
Subject: MZ servo switch problem resolved forever 

C1:PSL-MZ_BLANK switch (to turn on/off the servo) is not working again. The switch is always off regardless of the epics state.
I pushed the cables into the xycom card, but it did not fix the problem.

We have fixed this problem forever, by totally disabling this switch. Looking at the schematic for the MZ servo and the datasheet of the AD602, we found that a HI TTL on pin 4 disables the output of the AD602. Since the MZ servo was stuck in the off position, this seemed to indicate that it may be the XYCOM220 itself which is broken, constantly putting out a +5V signal regardless of the EPICS controls. We thought we might be able to get around this by disconnecting this signal at the cross-connect, but ultimately we couldn't find it because there is no wiring diagram for the Mach-Zehnder (!). So, we pulled the board and wired pin 9A of P1 to ground, permanently NORMALizing the MZ_BLANK switch. John has marked up the schematic, and someone should modify the MEDM screen and check the new screen into svn.

We can still the turn the MZ servo on and off by using the test input 1 switch.

Someone also will need to modify the MZ autolocker to use the test input 1 (MZ_SW1) instead of the old MZ_BLANK.
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