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Message ID: 6148     Entry time: Fri Dec 23 15:55:12 2011
Author: rana 
Type: Summary 
Category: Computer Scripts / Programs 
Subject: CONLOG: not working since Oct 1 

Often people say "I don't use conlog because its real slow". Its a little like not driving because your car has no gas.

I looked into what's going on with conlog. No one has fixed its channel list in ~1 year so it didn't make much sense. Also since Oct 1 of this year, it expired the leap seconds epoch and has been waiting for someone to look at the log file and update the list of leap seconds.

Some issues:

  • Don't use the phrases like OUTPUT, OUTMON, OUT16, or INMON as the usual part of a channel name. These are filter modules words which use to exclude channels from conlog. Please fix ALL of the LOCKIN screens to get rid of the OUTPUT filter banks.
  • If you use an EPICS channel in a servo so that its getting changed 16 times a second, make sure to add it to the conlog exclude list.

There are a bunch of bad channels which are screwing up various tools (DV, DTT, etc.):

Examples: C1:LSC-Subsystem_NPRO_SW1, C1:-DOF2PD_MTRX_0_0_SW1, C1:BAD-BAR_CRAZY_2_RSET, C1:C1L-DOF2PD_MTRX_3_14_SW2, C1:DUB-SEIS_GUR2_Z_LIMIT, etc.

  • There are a bunch of old, unused directories in c1/medm/. EVERYONE take a look in there and delete the OLD dead ones so that we don't keep recording those channels.

 To fix up some of these issues, I have deleted several MEDM directories which I thought were old (there are several extras left from Aidan's Green time). I also have put a bunch of exclude variables into the conlog 'scan_adls' script to prevent it from adding some of the new worthless channels. Finally, I have started this command

../bin/strip_out_channels '.*STAT.*','.*_ALIVE.*','C1:PEM.*','.*_Name.*','C1:UCT.*','C1:MCP.*','C1:SP.*','C1:DU.*','C1:RF.*','C1:NIO.*','C1:TST.*','C1:SUP.*','C1:X.*','C1:FEC.*','.*_LFSERVO.*','.*FSS_SLOWDC.*','C1:LSC-LA_MTRX_21','C1:LSC-PD.*OFFSET','C1:LSC-ETM.*OFFSET' conlog*.log

which should strip lots of the excess conlog data out of the conlog directory. The only downside is that its setting all of the timestamps of the .log files to today instead of the historical times but I don't think we'll care about this too much. Hopefully it will speed things up to have less than 450 GB of conlog files...

update: 12 hours later, its still running and has removed ~100 GB so far. It will probably take the rest of the weekend to finish.

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