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Entry  Tue Jul 1 11:53:38 2008, Yoichi, Update, Computers, RFM network back 
    Reply  Tue Jul 1 13:34:29 2008, rob, Update, Computers, RFM network back 
Message ID: 614     Entry time: Tue Jul 1 13:34:29 2008     In reply to: 610
Author: rob 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: RFM network back 


For some reason, the computers requiring startup.cmd (like c1lsc) halt after running this command. Actually the computer is running ok, but the command freezes. Basically, what it does is simply to load a kernel module. I don't know what is wrong.
Anyway, I just closed the terminal after running startup.cmd and it seems fine for now.

This is normal. On the linux RTFEs (Real-Time Front Ends), the real-time code totally hijacks the kernel, disallowing any interrupts. The system thus becomes totally unresponsive while the code is running, and communicates only through the RFM and the VME backplane.
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