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Entry  Wed Dec 14 01:35:06 2011, Koji, Update, IOO, MC alignment craziness Untitled.png
    Reply  Wed Dec 14 14:07:48 2011, Koji, Update, IOO, MC alignment craziness 
Message ID: 6115     Entry time: Wed Dec 14 01:35:06 2011     Reply to this: 6118
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC alignment craziness 

~11PM I came to the 40m and found the MC is repeating "LOCK->WFS ON->UNLOCK" sequence for ~2hours.

I checked the WFS spots on the QPDs and aligned them. No luck. I suspected the clipping of the beam in the chamber.

After I checked the trends of MC SUS OSEM values and IPPOS, I concluded that the input beam was aligned to somewhat misaligned MC.

The most noticable thing was that IPPOS (X, Y) indicated about (-0.5, 0) although the recent trend shows (-1, -0.5) is nominal.
In fact, the beam was about dropping from the diode. In addition, I found that the MC2 suspension showed a jump in the morning at around 8.30AM.|
This is consistent with what Jenne described.

This was a difficult situation as everything was moved.
I used the OSEM values to come back to the previous alignment of the suspensions, and started touching Zig-Zag before the MC.
After the alignment I ended up more clipping of the MC REFL. Also the spot on the IPPOS QPD was more dropping.

So, I have empirically used MC3 to misalign in Yaw to have better spot position on IPPOS. Then, the Zig Zag was aligned.
Then the spot on MC2 was adjusted while MCTRANS was kept maximized.

This helped the things back in the normal state.

Now the WFS servo is happily controlling the alignment.
MC REFL is 4.8 and 0.47 for unlocked and locked. (MCREFL_UNLOCK was 4.6 before my touch)
MCTRANS is 27000, which is close to the nominal.
IPPOS total, x, and y are 0.36, -0.97, and -0.47, respectively. They are about the nominal.

~1AM done

HOWEVER, we still don't know the position of the spot on MC1/MC3, and ITMY and ETMY.
I should consult with Kiwamu to check the spot positions tomorrow.

General lessons:
- If you find any reduction of MC transmission, check the suspensions to see if there is any slip.
- Before touching the input optics to recover the MC alignment, we should think what was moved.
- Before touching EOM alignment you must check the MC alignment WITHOUT WFS, so that you can recover the misalignment of EOM by the Zig-Zag steering.
- WFS is sensitive to clipping of the beam.
- We need a nifty indicator to tell how the MC transmitted beam is good.

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