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Entry  Thu Nov 24 20:22:42 2011, Mirko, Update, IOO, F2A filter for MC UpperCoils.pdfLowerCoils.pdf
    Reply  Fri Nov 25 17:52:28 2011, rana, Update, IOO, F2A filter for MC 
       Reply  Fri Nov 25 23:25:24 2011, Mirko, Update, IOO, F2A filter for MC F2aForMCcomparedToBS.pdf
          Reply  Mon Nov 28 10:54:40 2011, rana, Update, SUS, F2A filter for MC 
Message ID: 6021     Entry time: Mon Nov 28 10:54:40 2011     In reply to: 6012
Author: rana 
Type: Update 
Category: SUS 
Subject: F2A filter for MC 

Our approach to making the F2A or F2P filters for the MC is to use the measured resonant frequencies and then calculating the appropriate mechanical dimensions of each suspension. This is basically because we don't have optical levers with normal incidence on these optics, but the method should be fine.

To find the formulas, I asked Gaby for her old cheat sheet: Its now in the DCC. Its only for Large optics, but you should be able to reconstruct the right ones for SOS by just changing the parameters.

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