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Entry  Thu Nov 24 20:22:42 2011, Mirko, Update, IOO, F2A filter for MC UpperCoils.pdfLowerCoils.pdf
    Reply  Fri Nov 25 17:52:28 2011, rana, Update, IOO, F2A filter for MC 
       Reply  Fri Nov 25 23:25:24 2011, Mirko, Update, IOO, F2A filter for MC F2aForMCcomparedToBS.pdf
          Reply  Mon Nov 28 10:54:40 2011, rana, Update, SUS, F2A filter for MC 
Message ID: 6004     Entry time: Thu Nov 24 20:22:42 2011     Reply to this: 6006
Author: Mirko 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: F2A filter for MC 

I calculated the F2A filters for the input mode cleaner optics as described in T010140-01-D eq (4). On Ranas recommendation I added an s/ ( w_0 * Q ) term to the numerator.

The used values are:

w_0 = 2pi / s
h= 0.0009
D= 2.46957E-2



I put theses filters into C1:SUS-MC1_TO_COIL_1_1 to _4_1 . For convenience split in Z and P. Well it doesn't work. After a few seconds the optic begins to swing wildly.

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