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Message ID: 5994     Entry time: Thu Nov 24 02:23:43 2011
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: GPIB<->WIFI 

GPIB<->WIFI on Agilent Network Analyzer 4395A was broken.
The connection was fixed by replacing and configuring the LINKSYS bridge.


Kiwamu and I have identified that the LINKSYS bridge was guilty.

I knew that we had another one in the bathroom, I configured it.


  • You need a host with 192.168.1.*.
  • Connect the host and the LINKSYS directly
  • Open
  • Select 40MARS and infrastructure mode
  • Register it in the MAC filter of the 40MARS (see wiki and use your head)

The new unit works fine.

I checked the malfunctioning unit and the configuration was the same as the others.

The bad one detected the existence of 40MARS during the configuration, but it does not establish
the connection in the actual use. I am afraid that something is broken or some setting is lost
during the power supply shutdown.

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