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Entry  Sun Nov 20 14:48:55 2011, kiwamu, Update, General, recovery from the power shutdown 
    Reply  Sun Nov 20 15:33:37 2011, rana, Update, General, recovery from the power shutdown 
    Reply  Wed Nov 23 22:58:33 2011, Koji, Update, General, c1iscaux2 is back (re: recovery from the power shutdown) 
    Reply  Thu Nov 24 01:28:09 2011, kiwamu, Update, General, 1X8 sorensen came back 
Message ID: 5993     Entry time: Thu Nov 24 01:28:09 2011     In reply to: 5963
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: 1X8 sorensen came back 

Quote from #5963

 - One of the Sorensens in 1X8 rack is showing the current limit sign. This is exactly the same situation as we saw before (#5592).

       Currently it's off. It needs an investigation to find who is drawing such a large amount of current.

 The 1X8 Sorensen's issue has been solved somehow.

 To investigate what is going on with the Sorensen in the 1X8 rack, I turned on the Sorensen.
Then this time it didn't show the current limit sign, the voltage went up to 15.0, where it is supposed to be.
Surprisingly this is exactly the same recovery process as we saw before (#5592).
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