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Message ID: 5969     Entry time: Mon Nov 21 15:47:58 2011
Author: Mirko 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: Osem loop shape 

[Jenne, Mirko]

To reiterate: We changed the OSEM loop shape for MC1-MC3. Below in black is the old loop shape, which simulated pendulum response in there. In red is the new loop shape.


The differences are due to extra filter in C1:SUS-MC?_SUSPOS module 6,7,9

6: Elliptical LP @ 2.5Hz
7: Inverse Chebychev HP @0.3Hz
8: 1st order LP @ 10Hz

This has the potential to be unstable, but is not. At some point these filters should be tuned further.

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