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Entry  Wed Nov 16 21:01:08 2011, Jenne, Update, Treasure, eom box 
    Reply  Fri Nov 18 11:16:08 2011, rana, Update, IOO, eom box 
Message ID: 5918     Entry time: Wed Nov 16 21:01:08 2011     Reply to this: 5944
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Treasure 
Subject: eom box 

I made a super sweet new foam box for our EOM.  It's awesome, and should be reasonably easy to duplicate.  Check out the PHOTOS!


* I didn't think I was going to cover the inside of the box at first, since the foam is non-fuzz-generating, but Koji suggested it would be a good idea anyway.  The foam was cut perfectly to the EOM, so adding the tape inside makes it a tight fit.  Especially height-wise...leave a little space next time.

* To cover the insides of the optical path holes, do it in 2 parts.  One half-cylinder, and then another.  Way easier than trying to do the whole thing at once.  Also, pre-cut the tabs on both sides of the foil before inserting.  Then you just have to grab the tabs with tweezers and flatten them, and they hold the aluminum tape in place. 

* Having 1" wide, 2" wide and 3" wide aluminum tape was handy.  3" to make the top, 2" for the sides, and 1" for the inside of the holes. 

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