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Message ID: 5900     Entry time: Tue Nov 15 22:31:39 2011
Author: Mirko 
Type: Update 
Category: Adaptive Filtering 
Subject: Towards wiener filtering and improved OAFing 

[Jenne, Mirko]

1. We should help the OAF by compensating for the actuator TF:

The actuator TF, from adaptive filter output to MC2, through PD, mixer, Pentek and into C1:IOO looks like this:


If we assume a white-ish error signal that the adaptive code tries to compensate for its job gets extra complicated because it has to invert this TF. So we really should compensate for that. Easiest place for that is the CORR filter directly behind the adaptive code block.

Using the TF measurement from above I used the vectfit (" /cvs/cds/caltech/apps/mDV/extra/firfit_forFotonMirkoComplex.m" ) to get fit a corresponding digital filter:


If we invert swap the zeros and poles in the digital filter we get the inverted TF.
(Todo: Figure out how to invert the TF. Just switching the poles and zeros doesn't work).

2. Wiener filtering

The idea was to use the adaptive filtering only for small corrections to the wiener filtering. So we really should try to get the wiener filtering going.


1. Get data for STS1X and GUR1X and MC_F in matlab. E.g. via ligodv
2. Check the MC was in lock the entire time.
3, Filter MC_F with the actuator TF, so the wiener filter knows about that and compensates for it
4. Calculate the wiener filter " h1winolevLigoDV.m "
5. Export the data to the workspace. It is also saved to the disc as "h1filtcoeffTS.mat". Make sure there are first the witnesses, then MC_F
6. Execute " /cvs/cds/caltech/apps/mDV/extras/LHO/firfit_for_FotonMirko.m" while one directory higher. 
7. Copy the digital filter in SOS form that is printed into the matlab command line and put it into the corresponding filter in the OAF model via foton.

With data from 11-11-15 04:00 to 05:45. Sampling freq. 256Hz. 8000 Taps => length = 30.2s. Prefiltered to notch the 60Hz line in MC_F, but not compensation the actuator TF. This results in the following wiener filter and corresponding SOS filter to be copied into foton.




Attachment 3: MCL_round_trip.fig  22 kB
Attachment 6: STS1X_Wiener_filter_data_from_11-11-15.fig  57 kB
Attachment 7: GUR1X_Wiener_filter_data_from_11-11-15.fig  69 kB
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