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Message ID: 5874     Entry time: Fri Nov 11 13:35:19 2011
Author: Katrin 
Type: Update 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: Feedback to ETMY 

[Kiwamu, Katrin]



Red and blue curves: frequency fluctuation of the beat node between PSL and YARM laser.

Green and broen curves: Actuation on ETMY.  In ALS_CONTROL.adl  ETMY filter bank 4 and 5 were switched on. Gain was 0.3


Nice reduction of the frequency fluctuation.


Y axis is in volts^2 per counts. In order to go to MHz/sqrt(Hz) you have to take the square root and then times [20Volts/(2^16)counts]*[10Hz/0.04V].


Started to scan the cavity, but this didn't work. Green light all out of lock. IR beam was badly aligned to cavity. Now, my time is over and I have to leave you.

Thanks, for your help and the nice time.

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