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Entry  Fri Nov 11 00:55:53 2011, Den, Update, Adaptive Filtering, MC_F mcl_sim.jpgmcl_real.jpg
    Reply  Fri Nov 11 10:30:27 2011, rana, Update, Adaptive Filtering, MC_F 
Message ID: 5869     Entry time: Fri Nov 11 00:55:53 2011     Reply to this: 5871
Author: Den 
Type: Update 
Category: Adaptive Filtering 
Subject: MC_F 

[Mirko, Den]

Not satisfactory work of adaptive filtering make us to think about the signals that we use. Now we try to deal with mode cleaner and analize its length. We take MC_F channel. We know that MC_F is used as a feedback signal to the laser frequency and laser changes it's frequency linear to the input modulation signal up to ~1kHz. Than is MC_F is length of MC, not velocity or acceleration. If so, it's form due to seismic noise + company of other noises + stacks and wires should be approximately like the left plot. Instead we see the right plot.



Possibly, left-plot form signal is not possible to transmit through the wires and adc. Most signal at medium and high frequencies would be lost because of wire and adc noise. For that reason mode cleaner length signal might be amplified at frequecnies >~20 Hz by some bandpass filter.

Where is this highpass filter and what is the form of this filter?

It might be just after the photodetector in order not to transmit real mode cleaner length through the wires. But if wires and not very noisy, it could be somewhere before ADC.

But anyway, for the laser frequency feedback the corresponding low pass filter should be used.

Where is this lowpass filter and what is the form of the filter?

We followed the mode cleaner length signal up to TT FSS and measured the mode cleaner length, that is used as an input to TT FSS. As shown http://nodus.ligo.caltech.edu:8080/40m/5867 MC_F is different from the signal that is given to TT FSS. This is not clear because we do not have smth that could effect on the signal that much before branch node and recording of MC_F. The main difference is the cut off at the MC_F signal at 3 Hz. It might be a digital filter but we do not see any filters between adc_0_0 up to MC_F test point - straight line. This means that we have an analog filter somewhere between that blue box where the branch point is and ADC. We need to find it. But at least, we do not have a lowpass filter before FSS. So it is probably after it.

So, we need to find the 3 filters that we think affect on the MC_F channel in order to figure out why we have such a bad coherence between seismic signal and mode cleaner length.

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