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Entry  Fri Jun 27 19:59:44 2008, John, Update, Computers, c1iovme 
    Reply  Sat Jun 28 03:10:25 2008, rob, Update, Computers, c1iovme 
Message ID: 586     Entry time: Fri Jun 27 19:59:44 2008     Reply to this: 587
Author: John 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: c1iovme 
C1susvme2 and C1iovme crashed which sent the optics swinging and tripped the watchdogs.

Koji and I were able to restore c1susvme2 without any trouble.

We have been unable to revive c1iovme. We have tried telneting in and running startup.cmd,
the process runs for a while then hangs with "DAQ init failed -- exiting".

Resetting the board doesn't help. I didn't try keying the whole crate.

All optics are back to normal with damping restored.
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