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Message ID: 5847     Entry time: Wed Nov 9 13:44:04 2011
Author: Mirko 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: NDS1 missing channels in matlab 

The Matlab NDS1 access seems to only work for some channels. With other channels it just hangs 'Busy' and does nothing.
Below you can see some channels that make matlab hang. Everyting happened on allegra. I tried compiling the NDS1 sources (from https://www.gravity.phy.syr.edu/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=ligodv:nds1_ligodv_install ) into mex files myself. Same result. I

a=NDS_GetChannels('fb:8088'); %/cvs/cds/caltech/apps/linux64/share/matlab/NDS_GetChannels.m
%data=NDS_GetData({'C1:IOO-MC_F_DQ'},1004826500,100,'fb:8088',a)     %Works
%data=NDS_GetData({'C1:IOO-WFS1_PIT_IN1_DQ'},1004826500,100,'fb:8088',a)     %Works
data=NDS_GetData({'C1:LSC-AS11_I_OUT'},1004826500,100,'fb:8088',a)         %Doesn't work, hangs
%%%which NDS_GetData.m: /cvs/cds/caltech/apps/linux64/share/matlab/NDS_GetData.m

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