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Entry  Fri Nov 4 16:23:41 2011, Suresh, Update, IOO, MC spot decenter measured 
    Reply  Tue Nov 8 10:34:42 2011, Suresh, Update, IOO, MC spot decenter measured 
Message ID: 5839     Entry time: Tue Nov 8 10:34:42 2011     In reply to: 5813
Author: Suresh 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC spot decenter measured 


After Kiwamu adjusted the MC2 PIT to accommodate the limited range of the PZT1 ( elog ),  I remeasured the spot positions today.  

Yesterday 0.1354 -0.2522 -0.1383 -1.0893 0.7122 -1.5587
Today 4.0411 4.4994 3.5564 -1.4170 -0.2606 -1.7109
8Nov2011 4.7341 4.8794  4.3907 1.3542 -3.0508 -1.7167

As expected there is a translation of the beam axis to one side (Up? Down?) .  

I wonder how a beam translation by 5mm solved the PZT1 angular range limitation problem (?!)

 The MC alignment was bad and I wondered if it is because MC shifted or because the input PSL beam shifted.   So I remeasured the spot positions and find that MC2 Yaw has shifted a lot.   Todays measurements are in Cyan boxes above. The shift in MC3P is probably an associated shift due to some pit--yaw coupling.  So I am going to move MC2 and try to align the MC to the PSL.

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