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Message ID: 5780     Entry time: Tue Nov 1 23:13:28 2011
Author: Zach 
Type: Update 
Category: Computers 
Subject: NDS2 channel files 

I did some messing around with the NDS2 config and channel files and things seem to be working as expected... for now. SENSOR channel data can be acquired for all sensors on all hanging optics.

What I did:

  • NDS2 gets its channel lists from .../users/jzweizig/nds2-mafalda/nds2.conf, which is called in the start-nds2 script. Within this, there are channel.file lines that specify which channels are available for raw and trend data. The four files that were listed were:
    • C-R-raw-channel_list.txt
    • C-M-ChanList.txt
    • C-T-ChanLIst.txt
    • C-R-online-channel_list.txt (this one was listed after a hashed line, which was suspicous---see below)
  • I noticed that a grep for SENSOR only returned lines for non-MC mirrors in both "R" files
  • I also noticed that calling NDS2_GetChannels('mafalda.martian:31200') did not return any non-suffixed (i.e., raw) channel names for MCx_SENSOR channels, while non-MC SENSOR channels each had two non-suffixed listings. I thought this was strange.
  • I manually added the line "C1:SUS-MC1_SENSOR_UL 0 real_4 2048 C-R" to one of the "R" channel files, then restarted the NDS2 server, and that channel was still not served. I figured that the second "R" channel file might have been left in the config file as a mistake, so I commented it out, restarted the NDS2 server, and was able to get MC1_SENSOR_UL data. I have left the comment-out there, with a signed EDIT.
  • Wary of (and too lazy to) manually add lines for all 5 sensors for each MC mirror, I decided to try generating a channel file using the most recent .gwf file in the frames, as indicated in Joe and John's elog post. To do this, while in .../nds2-mafalda/, I ran:
    • /cvs/cds/caltech/users/jzweizig/nds2-server/bin/buildChannelList /frames/full/10042/C-R-1004246528-16.gwf > C-R-raw-channel_list.txt
  • A grep for SENSOR in the new C-R-raw-channel_list.txt now returned lines for all MC mirror sensors... BUT NOT FOR ETMY(?!). I tried some slightly older .gwf files (all from today), but the ETMY files never showed up. I had no choice but to enter them manually. Another odd thing is that the channel file generated this way seems to be fairly jumbled up, in the sense that there is no clear top-town order (e.g. SUS-BS_blah then SUS-ETMX_blah). Instead, some SUS-BS channels are here, some are after SUS-ETMX or SUS-PRM channels, etc. Look at the file to know what I mean.
  • The original raw channel file is there as C-R-raw-channel_list.txt.bak.1004247481.

In any case, as I said, everything appears to be working now, but as soon as we try to generate a new channel file using the prescribed means, there will inevitably be channels omitted. Someone who knows more than me should get to the bottom of this and wiki a strict, detailed procedure for how this is to be done.

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