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Message ID: 5751     Entry time: Fri Oct 28 03:12:37 2011
Author: Suresh 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC2 realigned to align MC to PSL 

Around 6PM on the 27th, I found that the C1:IOO-MC_RFPD_DCMON had risen to about 2.5V.   I checked the trend of MC2 sensors and found that  between 2PM and 6PM, MC2 had drifted in a strange way.  And also that the alignment had grown worse over several days.   I also noticed that the spot on the MC2F camera had shifted to the left.

I attempted to correct the alignment (decrease the C1:IOO-MC_RFPD_DCMON to ~0.5V ) by just moving the MC2 and succeeded!! So it is quite likely that most of the slow MC drift is arising due to MC2 table drift.



I decided to try and close the MC2_TRANS QPD to MC2 loops separately to see if MC alignment becomes stable  But several screens needed to be fixed before we could try anything.   So I fixed C1IOO_WFS_MASTER,  C1IOO_WFS_INMATRIX and ...OUTMATRIX screens.  Deleted the older ones to avoid confusion.

In this process I noticed that the directory of $screens$/c1mcs/master contains copies of older C1SUS_MC1 , 2. and 3 screens which look very similar to the new autogenerated screens.  Some of the links in the WFS screens were pointing to the old screens.  I have redirected the links and I will delete these in a couple of days, if no one objects.




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