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Entry  Wed Oct 26 20:30:47 2011, Katrin, Update, LSC, POX11 and POP55 installed 
    Reply  Fri Oct 28 03:42:50 2011, kiwamu, Update, LSC, ITMX table needs to be refined ITMXtable.png
Message ID: 5743     Entry time: Wed Oct 26 20:30:47 2011     Reply to this: 5752
Author: Katrin 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: POX11 and POP55 installed 


RF photo diodes POP55 and POX11 are installed. The beams are aligned to the photo diodes.


PD DC out dark DC out bright light power calculated DC output  
POX11 0.1mV 1.3mV 0.09mW 3mV
POP55 35mV 55mV 3 to 4 µW 25mV

I used 0.7 A/W for the response and 50V/A for POP55 according to elog page #4576.


To install the third RF photo diode we need to order a plano-convex lens with a focal length of 750 or

maybe even better 1000

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