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Entry  Thu Oct 13 21:44:48 2011, Mirko, Update, CDS, Seismic BLRMS channels, new RMS calculation New_RMS_vs_old_RMS.pngOriginal_RMS_LP_slower_than_0.1Hz.png
    Reply  Mon Oct 17 14:26:22 2011, Mirko, Update, CDS, Seismic BLRMS channels, new RMS calculation 
Message ID: 5679     Entry time: Mon Oct 17 14:26:22 2011     In reply to: 5663
Author: Mirko 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Seismic BLRMS channels, new RMS calculation 


[Rana, Koji, Mirko]

We looked into the CDS RMS block c-code as described in Rolfs RCG app guide. Seems the block uses a first order LP filter with a corner freq. / time of 20k execution cycles. There are also some weird thersholds at +-2000counts in there.

I was looking into implementing a hand-made RMS block, by squaring, filtering, rooting. The new RMS (left) seems nicer than the old one (bottom right). Signal was 141counts sinus at 4Hz.

Filters used: Before squaring: 4th order butterworth BP at given freq. & (new) 6th order inverse Chebyshew 20dB at 0.9*lower BP freq. and 1.1*upper BP freq. => about 1dB at BP freq.

                       After squaring: 4th order butterworth LP @ 1Hz.

C1PEM execution time increased from about 20us to about 45us.

Made a new medm screen with the respective filters in place of the empty C1PEM_OVERVIEW. Should go onto the sitemap.


Original RMS LP is slower than 0.1Hz, see below for single LP at 0.1Hz in the new RMS. Original RMS is faster than single LP @ 0.01Hz


Some of the channels are recorded as 256Hz DAQ channels now. Need to figure out how to record these as 16Hz EPICS channls.

 Channels are now going into EPICS channels (e.g. C1:PEM-ACC1_RMS_1_3 ). Adapted the PEM_SLOW.ini file. Channels don't yet show up in dataviewer. Probably due to other C1PEM maschine

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