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Entry  Sat Oct 1 17:47:21 2011, Koji, Summary, General, Recovery from the power shutdown 
    Reply  Sat Oct 1 22:53:49 2011, kiwamu, Summary, General, Recovery from the power shutdown : lockable 
    Reply  Sun Oct 2 13:45:13 2011, rana, Summary, General, Recovery from the power shutdown: apache / svn 
    Reply  Mon Oct 3 08:38:21 2011, steve, Summary, VAC, Recovery from the power shutdown is completed poweroutage.jpg
       Reply  Thu Oct 13 21:40:59 2011, rana, Summary, VAC, Recovery from the power shutdown is completed 
Message ID: 5592     Entry time: Sat Oct 1 17:47:21 2011     Reply to this: 5593   5596   5599
Author: Koji 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: Recovery from the power shutdown 

[Steve Koji Kiwamu]

- The storage on linux1 and linux1 itself (with this order) were turned on at 10:30am

- Kiwamu restored the vacuum system

   => opened V4, started TP1 (maglev) and opened V1.

      The pressure went downfrom 2.5 mTorr to the normal level in about 20 minutes.

- A regular fsck of linux1 was completed at 5pm

- Nodus was turned on. Mounting /cvs/cds succeeded

- The control room computers were turned on

- The rack power for FB turned on, FB and megatron started.

- Kiwamu and Koji went through all of the rack powers and started the slow and fast machines.
As we found Solensen for -15V at ETMX was current limited. +/-15V were turned off for now.
==> Kiwamu turned on Solensen again for investigation and found it became okay.
It's now ON.
- c1sus and c1ioo had many red lamps on the FE status screen.
Ran killc1XXX for all of the FE codes on c1lsc and c1ioo.
Then, made software reboot (sudo shutdown -r now)
All of the FEs shows green (after some randome clicking of DIAGRESETs)

- HVs on 1X1 were turned on. The are not vacuum HV, but used only in the air

- Turned on the RF generation box and the RF distribution box

- burtrestore slow machines (c1psl, c1susaux, c1iool0, c1iscaux, c1iscaux2, c1auxex, c1auxey)

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