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Message ID: 5572     Entry time: Wed Sep 28 22:30:01 2011
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: Adaptive Filtering 
Subject: OAF is disabled 

I am leaving the OAF disabled, so there should be nothing that goes to the suspensions from the OAF. 

Disabled for the OAF means all the outputs are multiplied by 0 just before the signals are sent back over to the LSC system to be summed in and sent to the suspensions.  So 0 times anything should mean that the OAF isn't injecting signals.

In other news, while Mirko was trying to figure out the c-code, I began making a new OAF screen.  It is still in progress, but it's in c1oaf/master/C1OAF_OVERVIEW.adl  If you open it up, you can see for yourself that the OAF is disabled.  (Eventually I'll put an enable/disable button on the LSC screen also, but that hasn't happened yet.)

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