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Message ID: 5567     Entry time: Wed Sep 28 18:39:50 2011
Author: Mirko 
Type: Update 
Category: PEM 
Subject: BLRM seismic channels in c1pem 


Created 5-band BLRMS for seismometer data (Gur1, Gur2 and STS1 each in x,y,z respectively) and accelerometer 1 through 6.

Bands are:
each with a fitting 4th order butterworth bandpass.

Data is recorded at 256Hz as e.g. C1:PEM-ACC1_RMS_RMS_0p3_1_OUT_DQ. For the 75 channels we have that corresponds to the data rate of just 1.2 16kHz channels.

c1pem execution time increased fom 6-7us to 15-16us out of 480us available.

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