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Entry  Tue Sep 6 22:51:53 2011, rana, Summary, Cameras, All Camera setups a need upgrading 
    Reply  Wed Sep 7 13:28:25 2011, steve, Summary, Cameras, All Camera setups a need upgrading 
Message ID: 5358     Entry time: Wed Sep 7 13:28:25 2011     In reply to: 5350
Author: steve 
Type: Summary 
Category: Cameras 
Subject: All Camera setups a need upgrading 


I just tried to adjust the ETMY camera and its not very user friendly = NEEDS FIXING.

* Camera view is upside down.

* Camera lens is contacting the lexan viewport cover; this means the focus cannot be adjusted without misaligning the camera.

* There's no strain relief of the camera cables at the can. Needs a rubber cable grommet too.

* There's a BNC "T" in the cable line.

Probably similar issues with some of the other setups; they've had aluminum foil covers for too long. We'll have a camera committee meeting tomorrow to see how to proceed.

 ITMY has been upgraded  here I have the new lenses on hand to do the others when it fit into the schedule.

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