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Message ID: 5252     Entry time: Wed Aug 17 03:10:06 2011
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: General 
Subject: current status of in-vac work 

[Jamie / Suresh / Kiwamu] 

The in-vac work is ongoing.

Before we run out our energy we are posting this entry to briefly report the current status.

- (done) BS earthquake stop adjustment.

- (done) PRM earthquake stop adjustment

- (done) MC spot position check => They are almost the same within 10 %.

- (done) Injection and alignment of the ABSL laser to make the beam brighter in the vertex region.

- (done) POY => We repositioned an in-vac steering mirror to get the POY beam hitting the center of the steering mirror.

                           It's now coming out from the chamber.

(done)  IPANG => realigned two mirrors on the ETMY table to get the IPANG out from the chamber. Now it's reaching the ETMY optical table.

                             It needs a final touch before we pump down.  We revisited it later in the night after realigning the IFO and it is well aligned now.

- (done)  POP => We have aligned the ABSL laser injected from the AS port to reach the REFL camera.  We turned it up to max power of 300mW and used it as a substitute for the PRC beam.

                         Even this was not enough to see anything in the POP beam path after the PR2 (tip-tilt).  So we used a green beam from the Y-arm as a guide of the POP beam path because the ABSL (POP) beam was too dim to work with.

                         We placed a lens and a CCD camera to detect the green and then blocked the Y-green.  It was then possible to see the ABSL-POP beam in the CCD camera.  The lens and the CCD are markers for this beam. 

                         Do not remove these markers unless absolutely necessary.

-(done) POX => We located the ABSL (mimicking POX) beam on the POXM1 mirror and adjusted the mirror to ensure that the beam exits at the right height and a convenient location on the POX table. 

- (0%) OSEM mid-range adjustment

- (0%) IPPOS

- (0%) oplev re-alignment

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