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Entry  Tue Aug 16 16:59:20 2011, Anamaria, Update, RF System, AM in the PM 
    Reply  Wed Aug 17 02:48:56 2011, kiwamu, Update, RF System, Re: AM in the PM 
Message ID: 5251     Entry time: Wed Aug 17 02:48:56 2011     In reply to: 5249
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: RF System 
Subject: Re: AM in the PM 

[Keiko / Suresh / Anamaria / Kiwamu]

 The AM components do exist also on the beam after the EOM.

The peaks were found at 11, 29 and 55 MHz, where the PM are supposed to be imposed.

Suresh and Keiko minimized them by rotating the HWP, which is in front of the EOM.

Also Anamaria and I tried minimizing them by adjusting the EOM crystal alignment.

However everytime after we minimized the AM peaks, they grew back in a time scale of ~ 1 min.

Potentially it could be a problem of the HWP and/or EOM alignment.

Since we wanted to proceed the in-vac work anyways, we stopped investigating it and decided to postpone it for tomorrow.

We again adjusted the incident power to 20 mW.


-- P.S.

 The incident power going to MC went down to 7 mW for some reasons. This was found after ~ 6 hours from our works on the PSL table.

We haven't touched anything on the PSL table since the daytime work.

Possibly the angle of the HWP is drifting (why?) and changed the amount of the P-polarizing beam power.

Suresh locked the angles of two HWPs, which are the one just after the EOM and the one after the attenuation PBS.

Quote from #5249

So first check is beam out of PSL EOM, to make sure the input beam is aligned to the crystal axis and is not giving AM modulation in adition to PM.


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