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Entry  Sat Aug 13 15:40:38 2011, Nicole, Summary, SUS, TT Shaking Today and Hopefully More? emnoise_and_flex.jpg
    Reply  Sun Aug 14 17:47:39 2011, Nicole, Summary, SUS, TT Shaking Today and Hopefully More? noisetest.jpg
Message ID: 5222     Entry time: Sat Aug 13 15:40:38 2011     Reply to this: 5231
Author: Nicole 
Type: Summary 
Category: SUS 
Subject: TT Shaking Today and Hopefully More? 

As reported in my  previous entry of TT supsension bode plots, I found that my experimental data had what appears to be very noise peaks above 20 Hz (as mentioned earlier, the peak at 22 Hz is likely due to vertical coupling, as 22 Hz is the resonant frequency of the cantilever blades). This is very unusual and needs to be explored further. I would like to vertically-shake the TTs to obtain more data on possible coupling. However, I am leaving on Monday and will not return until Thursday (day of SURF talks). I am leaving campus Friday afternoon or so. I would may need some help coming up with an assembly plan/assembling set-up for vertical shaking (if it is possible to do so in such a limited time frame).


Today I wanted to see if the "noisy peaks" above 30 Hz were due to EM noise coupling. I tested this hypothesis today, seeing if EM fields generated by the coil at higher frequencies were injecting noise into my transfer function measurements. I found that the "noisy peaks" above 30 Hz are NOT DUE TO EM NOISE COUPLING. I am very curious as to what is causing the high peaks (possibly coupling from other degrees of freedom)?



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