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Message ID: 5169     Entry time: Wed Aug 10 12:32:09 2011
Author: Nicole 
Type: Summary 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Weekly Summary Update 

Last night, I attached a metal plate to the Vout faceplate of my photosensor circuit box because the BNC connection terminals were loose. This was Jamie's suggestion to establish a more secure connection (I had originally drilled holes for the BNCs that were much too large).


I have also fixed the mechancial set-up of my shaking experiment so that the horizontal sliding platform does not interfere with the photodiode mounting stage. Koji pointed out last night that in the full range of motion, the photodiode mounting stage interferes with the movement of the sliding platform when the platform is at its full range.


I have began shaking. I am getting a problem, as my voltage outputs are just appearing a high-frequency noise.

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