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Message ID: 5160     Entry time: Tue Aug 9 19:53:56 2011
Author: Nicole 
Type: Summary 
Category: SUS 
Subject: Weekly Summary 

This week, I have finished assembling everything I need to begin shaking. I built an intermediary mounting stage to mount the TT suspension base to the horizontal sliding platform, finished assembling the second photodiode, finished assembling the photosensor circuit box, and calibrated the two photosensors. Today I built a platform/stage to mount the photodiodes so that they are located close enough to the mirror/suspension that they can operate in the linear range.  Below is an image of the set-up.


The amplifer that Koji fixed is acting a bit strange again...It is sometimes shutting off (Apparently, it can only manage to do short runs ~ 1minute? That should be enough time?).

The set-up is ready to begin taking measurements.

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