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Entry  Fri Aug 5 20:44:26 2011, jamie, Metaphysics, Treasure, Film crew here Monday morning 
    Reply  Fri Aug 5 22:54:29 2011, kiwamu, Metaphysics, Treasure, Crane crew here Monday morning 
    Reply  Mon Aug 8 13:24:00 2011, steve, Metaphysics, Treasure, Monday morning P1080147.JPG
Message ID: 5128     Entry time: Fri Aug 5 20:44:26 2011     Reply to this: 5129   5139
Author: jamie 
Type: Metaphysics 
Category: Treasure 
Subject: Film crew here Monday morning 

Just a reminder that a film crew will be here Monday morning, filming Christian Ott for some Discovery channel show.

They are slated to be here from 8am to 12:30pm or so.  They will take a couple of shots inside the lab, and the rest of the filming should be of Christian in the control room (which they will "clean up" and fit with "sexy lighting").  I will try to be here the whole time to oversee everything.

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