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Message ID: 5093     Entry time: Tue Aug 2 15:41:06 2011
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: Measurement of MC spot positions : done 

[Suresh / Kiwamu]

 The measurement of the spot positions on the MC mirrors are DONE.

Surprisingly the spot positions are not so different from the ones measured on May.

    Feb 26 2011      May 08 2011 (New !) Aug 2 2011
MC1 pit [mm]   1.6   1.9  1.93
MC2 pit [mm]   6.4   9.0 9.03
MC3 pit [mm]   1.4   2.0 2.01
MC1 yaw [mm]   -1.5   -1.7 -1.72
MC2 yaw [mm]   1.0   0.2 0.178
MC3 yaw [mm]   -1.3   -1.9 -1.87


(some notes)
We used Valera's script senseMCdecenter to estimate the spot positions ( see his entry).

It returns so many EPICS error messages and sometime some measured values were missing. So we had to throw away some of the measurements.

Anyways we gave the resultant ASCII file to Valera's matlab file sensmcass.m to get the actual amount of off-centering in milli-meter.

The attached file is the resultant plot from his matlab code.

Attachment 1: MCdecenter.png  18 kB  | Hide | Hide all
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