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Entry  Sun Nov 11 21:05:55 2007, rana, HowTo, SUS, MC Touching or not 
    Reply  Sun Jun 26 18:35:16 2011, rana, HowTo, SUS, free swing all optics ringdown.png
       Reply  Tue Jun 28 01:18:53 2011, rana, HowTo, SUS, free swing all optics 
Message ID: 4887     Entry time: Sun Jun 26 18:35:16 2011     In reply to: 91     Reply to this: 4892
Author: rana 
Type: HowTo 
Category: SUS 
Subject: free swing all optics 

I used scripts/SUS/freeswing-all.csh to give the optics a kick and then turn off their watchdogs and collect the free swinging data.  Final script end time = 993173551. Start taking data ~ 993173751

I had to fix up the script a little: it had amateur stuff in there, such as undefined variables.

It still doesn't work that well. On the new Ubuntu workstations, pianosa, it fails by just not setting some of the EPICS variables using the EZCA stuff.

On Allegra, it failed on ~1 out of 10 commands by returning "epicsThreadOnce0sd epicsMutexLock failed" ???

On Pianosa, it sometimes says, instead, "epicsThreadOnceOsd: pthread_mutex_lock returned Invalid argument.".   Ah...now I understand?

So finally, I had to run the script on op340m to get it to actually run all of its commands. That's right; I used a 15 year old Solaris 9 Blade 150 because none of our fancy new Linux machines could do the job reliably.

Fixing our EZCA situation is a pretty high priority; if the locking scripts fail to run ~1 command every hour its going to completely derail the lock acquisition attempts.

If you want to use the IFO tonight, just run the script again on op340m again when you're done.

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