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Entry  Sat May 21 17:02:38 2011, Koji, Update, Electronics, Alberto's 11MHz was modified to POP55MHz POP55_schematic_110520_KA.pdfPOP55_transimpedance.pdf
    Reply  Fri Jun 3 14:27:32 2011, Koji, Update, Electronics, POP55 test results POP55_test.pdf
Message ID: 4783     Entry time: Fri Jun 3 14:27:32 2011     In reply to: 4758
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: POP55 test results 

The full characterization of POP55 is found in the PDF.

Resonance at 54.49MHz
Q of 2.5, transimpedance 241Ohm
shotnoise intercept current = 4.2mA (i.e. current noise of 37pA/rtHz)

Notch at 11.23MHz
Q of 2.4, transimpedance 6.2 Ohm

Notch at 110.80MHz
Q of 53.8, transimpedance 13.03 Ohm


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POP55_test.pdf POP55_test.pdf POP55_test.pdf POP55_test.pdf
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