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Entry  Thu Oct 28 19:10:26 2010, tara, Update, Electronics, TTFSS for 40m 
    Reply  Mon Apr 11 20:03:05 2011, tara, Update, Electronics, TTFSS for 40m 
       Reply  Wed Jun 1 13:33:22 2011, koji, tara, Update, Electronics, TTFSS #7  q4.png
Message ID: 4777     Entry time: Wed Jun 1 13:33:22 2011     In reply to: 4512
Author: koji, tara 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: TTFSS #7  

We replaced GE81 by PZT2907A (PNP transistor) in TTFSS #7, it's working fine.

  Last time I broke Q4 transistor, which is used in the low noise power module for TTFSS, (see the schematic) and could not find another PZT2907A, so GE81 was used temporarily. Now we changed it back to PZT2907A as designed.  I tested it by checking the voltage outputs of the board. It works fine, all voltage outputs are correct. I labeled one of the slot on the blue cabinet tower and kept the rest of the transistors there.



I brought TTFSS set #7 to 40m and kept it in the electronic cabinet.

note that Q4 transistor has not been replaced back to PZT2907A yet. It's still GE82.

Q3 is now pzt3904, not PZT2222A.



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