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Entry  Mon May 23 14:28:23 2011, kiwamu, Configuration, LSC, POY55 installed POY55.png
    Reply  Mon May 23 18:16:42 2011, Koji, Configuration, LSC, POY55 installed 
Message ID: 4763     Entry time: Mon May 23 18:16:42 2011     In reply to: 4761
Author: Koji 
Type: Configuration 
Category: LSC 
Subject: POY55 installed 

The DC Transimpedance of POP55 was increased from 50 Ohm to 10010 Ohm. There is the offset of 46mV. This should be cancelled in the CDS.


Last Saturday the POY55 RFPD (see this entry) was installed on the ITMY optical bench for the trial of the DRMI locking.

Since the amount of the light coming into the diode is tiny, the DC monitor showed ~ 3 mV even when the PRC was locked to the carrier.

In order to amplify the tiny RF signal from the photo diode a ZHL amplifier was installed next to the RFPD. The RF amp is sitting on delrin posts for insulation from the table.


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