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Message ID: 4739     Entry time: Wed May 18 16:52:23 2011
Author: Suresh 
Type: Update 
Category: RF System 
Subject: Cables for AS11 PD are in place 

[Larisa, Suresh]

All the cables needed for the AS11 PD are in place... the heliax cable runs from the AS table to the PSL rack.  The LO and RF cables to demod board as well as the I and Q cables into the LSC Whitening board are connected.

The cables get rather densely packed when the LSC Whitening filter sits between the PD Interface Board and the LSC AA filter board.  This makes it difficult to access the SMA connectors on the LSC whitening filter.  So we shifted the LSC Whitening and AA Filter boards one slot to the right.  The LSC rack looks like this just now.  We have also shifted the binary cables at the back of the Eurocart by one slot so the same cables are associated with the cards.




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