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Message ID: 4631     Entry time: Thu May 5 00:08:59 2011
Author: Jenne 
Type: Update 
Category: LSC 
Subject: (Almost) New Screens for RFPDs 

I modified C1LSC.mdl to use the CDSphase blocks, which automatically calculate the R and D phase rotation for us.  Now each of the RFPDs has 2 channels in place of the old IQ_MTRX channels:  C1:LSC-RFPD_PHASE_R and C1:LSC-RFPD_PHASE_D.

I have not yet compiled / rebooted / done CDS magic to actually make these installed.  So far the change is only in the simulink model.

I was going to wait until morning to compile/reboot/magic, so I can do it under Joe's supervision.

In the meantime, I also modified the RFPD screens.  They have white boxes for the _R and _D channels just now, but that's because the new model hasn't been put in.  They now look like phase rotators, instead of Koji's temporary matrix.

Still to do:  Find the EPICS database where the phase rotation calculation is done (you give it an angle, it gives you sin(angle) and cos(angle) ).  I want to put a "90-angle" in the database so that we can type in the measured relative phase between I and Q, and it will calculate how many more degrees it needs to get to 90deg. 


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