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Entry  Mon May 2 21:14:55 2011, kiwamu, Update, Electronics, too loose Heliax connectors on 1Y2 rack DSC_2982_ss.jpgDSC_2984_ss.jpg
    Reply  Mon May 2 23:29:57 2011, Suresh, Update, Electronics, too loose Heliax connectors on 1Y2 rack 
    Reply  Tue May 3 17:19:25 2011, kiwamu, Update, Electronics, Heliax connectors on 1Y2 rack : tightened 
Message ID: 4602     Entry time: Mon May 2 23:29:57 2011     In reply to: 4601
Author: Suresh 
Type: Update 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: too loose Heliax connectors on 1Y2 rack 

The countersink gives rise to another problem when we mount the N-type-to-SMA bulkhead adaptor.  As we are making a circular hole in the plastic strip (instead of a hole with two flat sections)  the adaptor is free to turn when we tighten it with a wrench.  We currently hold the smooth circular part on the other side with a gripping pliers and while tightening.  If that part disappears into the countersink (as seen in the pics) we will not be able to tighten the adaptor sufficiently and consequently we will also not be able to get the heliax connector to be tight.

A better solution would be to use the 1/4-inch plastic L-angle beam which Steve has used on the AS table.  In addition to solving this loose connector problem, the beam is also more rigid than the plastic strip.


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