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Entry  Fri Apr 22 12:07:38 2011, josephb, steve, Update, CDS, Removed hanging D-sub to SCSI in 1X2 
    Reply  Fri Apr 29 14:36:36 2011, josephb, steve, Update, CDS, Removed hanging D-sub to SCSI in 1X5 P1070621.JPG
Message ID: 4590     Entry time: Fri Apr 29 14:36:36 2011     In reply to: 4561
Author: josephb, steve 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Removed hanging D-sub to SCSI in 1X5 



Way back, Jay had D-sub to SCSI adapters made to adapt our existing Sander box AA filters to the new SCSI based IO chassis.  However, these did not fit inside the box.

At the time, we simply left the cards outside hanging, which was a hack and needed to be replaced.


Steve modified a black AA filter box so that it could fit the D-sub to SCSI adapter board on it, plus strain relief the SCSI cable, rather than let it hang.  The back of the box was cut, and an extending piece of metal attached to the bottom of the box.  The adapter board was screwed into the box, the SCSI plugged in, then the SCSI cable is clamped to the extending metal as well.

This modification will be propagated to the 3 remaining AA filter boards using the D-sub to SCSI adapter.

 The same modification was carried out at 1X5 for PRM & SRM.

Note:  D68L8EX-850Hz  are removed  and bypassed in 7 channels.

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