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Entry  Wed Mar 30 02:55:02 2011, Suresh, Configuration, Electronics, RF System : Status and Plans 
    Reply  Wed Apr 20 21:53:01 2011, Suresh, Configuration, RF System, RF system: Stray heliax cable rogue_cable_1.png
Message ID: 4459     Entry time: Wed Mar 30 02:55:02 2011     Reply to this: 4547  
Author: Suresh 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Electronics 
Subject: RF System : Status and Plans 

I have prepared several diagrams outlining the current state of the RF System.

These are uploaded into the svn40m here  and will be kept uptodate as we complete various parts of the task.  These plans have taken into account

the new priorities of the LSC (set out by Koji here )

We (Koji, Kiwamu and I) took stock of the RF cables which we have inherited from the earlier RF system and have made new plans for them.

I took stock of the filters purchased for the modifying the demod boards.  We have pretty much everything we need so I will start modifying the boards right away.   The following table summarises the modifications


PD freq # of PDs

LP Filter (U5)

  Demod board

Qty available Inline HP filter Qty available
11 MHz 5 SCLF-10.75 7 - -
22 MHz 1 SCLF-21.4 3 - -
33 MHz 2 SCLF-36 3 SHP-25 1
55 MHz 3 SCLF-65 4 SHP-50 2
110 MHz 1 SCLF-135 3 SHP-100 1
165MHz 3 SCLF-190 1 SHP-150 1

We seem to have a spare SHP-175.  I was wondering where that is supposed to go. 

This is the status and tentative schedule for completing the various tasks.  I have put the dates based on priority and state of the hardware.


The RF Cable layout plans are drawn on top of a Lab Layout.  The various subsystems are drawn (not to scale) on separate layers.  The graffle files are located here  .  I thought they might come in handy for others as well.



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