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Entry  Fri Mar 11 11:33:24 2011, josephb, Update, CDS, Fixed mistake in Matrix of Filter banks naming convention 
    Reply  Sun Mar 13 04:00:53 2011, rana, Update, CDS, ETMY Sim work 
       Reply  Sun Mar 13 16:46:48 2011, josephb, Update, CDS, ETMY Sim work 
Message ID: 4404     Entry time: Fri Mar 11 11:33:24 2011     Reply to this: 4408
Author: josephb 
Type: Update 
Category: CDS 
Subject: Fixed mistake in Matrix of Filter banks naming convention 

While fixing up some medm screens and getting spectra of the simulated plant, I realized that the naming convention for the Matrices of Filter banks was backwards when compared to that of the normal matrices (and the rest of the world).  The naming was incorrectly column, row.

This has several ramifications:

1) I had to change the suspensions screens for the TO_COIL  output filters.

2) I had to change the filters for the suspension with regards to the TO_COIL output filters so they go in the correct filter banks.

3) Burt restores to times previous March 11th around noon, will put your TO_COIL output filters in a funny state that will need to be fixed.

4) The simplant RESPONSE filters had to be moved to the correct filter banks.

5) If you have some model I'm not aware of that uses the FiltMuxMatrix piece, it is going to correctly build now, but you're going to have to move filters you may have created with foton.

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