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Entry  Sat Feb 26 00:25:38 2011, Koji, Update, IOO, MC servo improvement fss_servo.pngmc_servo.png
    Reply  Wed Mar 2 04:01:51 2011, Koji, Update, IOO, MC servo improvement IMG_3904.jpgMC_OLTF.pdf
Message ID: 4366     Entry time: Wed Mar 2 04:01:51 2011     In reply to: 4360
Author: Koji 
Type: Update 
Category: IOO 
Subject: MC servo improvement 

[Koji / Rana]

- Since the MC servo had UGF up to ~20kHz and huge servo bump at 50kHz, we needed more phase between 20kHz to 100kHz.

- Today a phase compensation filter in a Pomona box has been inserted between the MC servo box and the FSS box.
  This is a passive filter with zero@14kHz and pole@140kHz. We obtain ~60deg at around 50kHz.

- After the insertion, the lock of the MC was achieved immediately. The overall gain as well as the PZT fast gain was tweaked
  such that the PC feedback is reduced down to 1~2.

- The OLTF has been measured.
  The insertion of the filter change increased the UGF to 130kHz even with "40:4kHz" and double super boost turned on.

  The phase margin is 54deg. Quite healthy.

- Rana modified the existed Auto Locker script.
  It is now continuously running on op340m!
  We made a couple of testsif it correctly relock the MC and it did. VERY COOL.


- Measure the PMC cavity pole
- Measure the circuit TF and try to shave off the phase lag.
- Measure the PZT resonance of the NPRO and put notch in the PZT path
- Increase the UGF / measure the openloop TF

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