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Message ID: 4324     Entry time: Fri Feb 18 15:05:49 2011
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Update 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: transfer function of angle to beat note (length)  

[Koji and Kiwamu]

 We took transfer functions (TF) from the angle excitations at ETMX and ITMX to the green beat note signal (i.e. angle to length TF).

It turned out that the coupling from ETMX_PIT is quite large.

I wonder how f2p of the ETMX changes this coupling. We'll see.




The plot above shows a set of the transfer functions from the angle excitation to the green beat note.

Note that the y-axis has not been calibrated, it is just a unit of counts/counts.

You can see that the TF from ETMX_PIT to the beat (red cruve) is larger than the others by about a factor of 10 over most of the frequency range.

This means that any PIT motions on ETMX can be coupled into the green beat signal somewhat over the wide frequency range.

It looks having a resonance at 1.5 Hz, but we don't exactly know why.

At that time the coil gains on only ITMX were tuned by applying f2p filters, but ETMX wasn't because of a technical reason coming from epics.


- - - - measurement conditions

  * PSL laser was locked to X arm by feeding back the IR PDH signal to MC2.

  * the green laser was locked to Xarm as usual.

  * took the green beat note signal (approximately 0 dBm) into Rana's MFD with the cable length of about  6 m.

  * the output from the MFD was connected to XARM_COARSE channel without a whitening filter.

  * excitation signal was injected into either ASC_PIT or ASC_YAW. The excitation was Gaussian noise with frequency band of 10 Hz and amplitude of 300 counts.

  * only ITMY had the f2p filters, which balance the coil gains all over the frequency.


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