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Entry  Thu Feb 17 00:43:13 2011, kiwamu, Summary, General, to do list for tomorrow 
    Reply  Fri Feb 18 00:35:21 2011, kiwamu, Summary, General, to do list for Feb. 18th 
Message ID: 4310     Entry time: Thu Feb 17 00:43:13 2011     Reply to this: 4322
Author: kiwamu 
Type: Summary 
Category: General 
Subject: to do list for tomorrow 

Let's share our tasks !


==== daytime ===

 . mode matching for MC  (Jenne/Koji)

 . mode matching for doubling crystal on PSL table (Suresh/Koji)

 . f2p adjustment (Kiwamu)

 . fix daq and CDS issues (Joe)

 . increase oplev gain (low priority)

 . make ITMY camera nicer (Steve)

 . c1ass simlink model (Valera/Joe)

 . Bounce Roll notches (Suresh)


==== nighttime (after 7pm) ====

 . align everything   (at first green beam, then X arm cavity and finally IR beam)

 . update the noise spectrum of the green locking

 . estimate the noise from angle to length coupling

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