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Entry  Sun Jan 30 17:15:09 2011, Aidan, Summary, Green Locking, Digital Frequency discriminator - frequency noise _Untitled_(modified).png
    Reply  Mon Jan 31 07:03:59 2011, Aidan, Summary, Green Locking, DFD - noise spectra DFD-bandwidth_noise.pdf
Message ID: 4227     Entry time: Sun Jan 30 17:15:09 2011     Reply to this: 4229
Author: Aidan 
Type: Summary 
Category: Green Locking 
Subject: Digital Frequency discriminator - frequency noise 

I've had a go at trying to estimate the frequency noise of the digital frequency discriminator (DFD). I input a 234.5Hz (0.5Vpp) signal from a 30MHz function generator into the ADC. The LP output of the DFD measured 234.5Hz. However, this signal is clearly modulated by roughly +/- 0.2Hz at harmonics of 234.5Hz (as you can see in the top plot in the dataviewer screenshot below). So the frequency noise can be estimated as rms of approximately 0.2Hz.

This is supported by taking the spectra of the LP output and looking at the RMS. Most of the power in the RMS frequency noise (above the minimum frequency) comes from the harmonics of the input signal and the RMS is approximately 0.2Hz.

I believe this stems from the rather basic LP filter (three or four poles around 10Hz?) that is used in the LP filter to remove the higher frequency components that exist after the mixing stage. (The currently loaded LPF filter is not the same as the saved one in Foton - and that one won't load at the moment, so I'm forced to remember the shape of the current filter).

 The attached screen capture from data viewer shows the LP_OUT hovering around 234.5Hz.

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