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Entry  Tue Apr 15 18:44:25 2008, rana, Configuration, Computers, Rosalba 
    Reply  Wed Apr 16 10:20:01 2008, Andrey, Update, Computers, Rosalba and linux3 
Message ID: 419     Entry time: Tue Apr 15 18:44:25 2008     Reply to this: 421
Author: rana 
Type: Configuration 
Category: Computers 
Subject: Rosalba 
There is a new computer in the control room -- its called Rosalba,
in keeping with our naming convention. Its a quad-core machine that
Dmass found for cheap somewhere; we've installed the CentOS on it
that Alex recommended.

Its a 64-bit Linux and so that's going to cause some problems. Alex has done this
before and so we have some confidence that we can get our regular tools (DTT, Dataviewer)
to run on it.

I have made a new apps tree for all of our future 64-bit Linux machines. So far, there is
a 64-bit firefox and a 64-bit matlab in there. As we start using this machine some more, we
will be forced to install more 64-bit Linux stuff.

We also didn't have enough network cables to run to both linux3 and rosalba. Andrey has decided that we
should not ditch linux3 and so he will run another cable for it tomorrow.
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